Deerwood Family Eyecare is constantly changing and updating our services based on the newest and best technology. This page will keep you updated with what is new and exciting in the office.


Optomap – The latest and greatest in retinal imaging! With this ultra-sophisticated diagnostic tool, Dr. Shearer is able to find retinal defects at an unprecedented level.

Acuvue Vita Contact Lenses – A brand new monthly replacement for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and ASTIGMATISM!

Dailies Total1 Multifocal Contacts – The most comfortable lens on the market is now available in multifocal!


Deerwood Family Eyecare has always been able to finish your glasses in house, but now we can do it faster and more precisely than ever using a lens edger! This incredible computer technology will allow you to get your glasses about 7 times faster than most insurance labs. Just tell Misty you want your new glasses in 3 days, and we’ll work with you to make that happen!