Benefits of an On-Site Optical Laboratory

Fixing the bridge of eye glassesDeerwood Family Eyecare has a state-of-the-art optical laboratory on site. Having an on-site lab allows Deerwood Family Eyecare to provide:

Only the best quality, most innovative products are available within the Deerwood Family Eyecare Optical Lab. With that in mind, the majority of the lens products (especially multifocals) in the lab are manufactured by Essilor and Shamir – world-wide leaders in lens design and manufacturing.

What are the benefits of an on-site optical laboratory?

The benefits of an on-site optical laboratory are vast. For example, if you’re anxious about being without your glasses, the staff at Deerwood Family Eyecare can cut lenses for your existing frames while you wait – simply schedule an appointment!

Many frame adjustments can also be made on site with an appointment or during your eye exam. If you’re having trouble with a loose screw or a crooked nose piece, the optical staff at Deerwood Family Eyecare can help fine-tune your frames.

If you, or a family member, need new prescription lenses or frames, make sure to discuss your needs with the optician associates at Deerwood Family Eyecare after your eye exam. The talented staff will help your entire family find the best fit and style – durable children’s frames, designer eyewear, reading glasses, eyeglasses, or sunglasses – most of which can then be customized for your prescription needs onsite!


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