Fundus Photography as an Eye Care Diagnostic Tool

Fundus photography is a photograph of the interior surface of the eye. Fundography, commonly referred to as retinal photography, also captures the retina, optic disc, and other structural components of the eye.

When is fundography used?

Fundography is often used during your comprehensive eye check up or other eye health appointments at Deerwood Family Eyecare. Fundus photography is an important part of diagnosing and tracking:

Fundography is better than just a visual eye scan because the image is captured and can be used for future reference and shared with other specialists involved in your health care.

How does fundus photography work?

The actual machine to produce the photograph contains a microscope and a retinal camera. This piece of equipment was named after the posterior pole of the eye, the fundus, which is visible when this photograph is taken. With the capabilities of the microscope, the eye doctor is able to view more of the interior eye than can be seen by solely using the handheld tool of the trade, the ophthalmoscope.


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