Visual Field Test, Part of A Comprehensive Eye Exam

A woman taking an eye examVisual Fields Testing is an eye exam that measures both central (straight ahead) and peripheral (side) vision. This eye test is conducted one eye at a time so that you have visual field test results for each eye. Visual Field Test, part of a comprehensive eye exam, is of utmost importance when examining your vision.

Why is a visual field test used?

A visual field test will likely be included in your eye exam at Deerwood Family Eyecare, but can also be scheduled separately.

Visual field tests help:

How does visual field testing work?

During this eye test, you will focus on a central point straight ahead while a light blinks at various points around your field of vision. As soon as you see the blinking light, you signal, and the eye care professional at Deerwood Family Eyecare will make note.

It’s important to keep your eyes on the central point of focus, not following the moving lights. Shifting your focus will cause the results to be inaccurate.

Visual field testing, also referred to as Humphrey Visual Field, should not be confused with an eye chart. The eye test chart generally contains numbers and letters and measures how well you see in the distance.


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