Contact Lens Exam and Contact Lens Fitting

Trying on contact lenses

A contact lens exam and contact lens fitting takes place after your full eye exam.

What happens during a contact lens exam?

During a contact lens examination, Dr. Shearer will discuss your lifestyle and preferences so that your new contacts best suit your needs. Be sure to think about the following questions:

Dr. Shearer will consider the following to help pinpoint the best contact lens solution for you.

What is a contact fitting?

After your comprehensive eye health exam, Dr. Shearer and his team will take measurements to help find the best contacts to fit your eyes. Once a contact has been selected, you’ll have the opportunity to try a pair. With the lenses in place, Dr. Shearer will check the placement and movement of the lenses as you blink and look in different directions. Make sure to discuss how comfortable you feel with the lenses in place.

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What follow-up is needed?

After a few days of using your new contacts, a follow-up exam with Deerwood Family Eyecare is generally scheduled. This exam makes sure that the lenses fit well and that your eyes are tolerating contact lens wear.

Once the best contact lenses are selected, Dr. Shearer will write a prescription that contains the power, curvature, and diameter of the lens along with the name and manufacturer.

Once prescribed, you should follow-up with Deerwood Family Eyecare on an annual basis to check on your overall eye health and ensure your continued tolerance for contact lens wear. In between visits, contacts can be reordered by contacting the Deerwood Family Eyecare office or online.


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