Igaku-Shoin Color Vision Test for Detecting Colorblindness

Color perception test. Ishihara Plate No. 23 (42)Color blindness testing may be a part of your eye exam at Deerwood Family Eyecare. The Igaku-Shoin Color Test for detecting colorblindness is used to detect red/green color deficiencies. Additional tests, designed to detect additional forms of colorblindness, may also be administered. You may notice the symptoms of colorblindness or you may be alerted to a potential problem during a pre-employment physical.

What is color blindness?

Color blindness results from the light-sensitive pigments in the cones of the retina receiving the wrong genetic coding for wavelengths of light. Complete color blindness is actually very rare. It is far more common for individuals to be able to see some colors, to a certain extent, but not as clearly as those without any form of color blindness.

Color vision deficiencies occur more frequently in men than in women. Those that suffer from reduced sensitivity to red, green, and blue lights may not experience any trouble in their normal activities or they could be highly affected.

Sometimes color deficiencies can complicate employment opportunities. Several occupations require being able to clearly make out red, green, and blue lights (airline pilots, tug boat captains, electricians, for example).

What causes color blindness?

Color blindness is largely genetic. While some color blindness can occur due to the aging process, individuals are mostly born with this condition and it cannot be corrected.

How are color deficiencies detected?

This color blindness test involves showing an individual a series of cards (plates) with a circle of dots. Although the dots look as if they are randomly placed, they actually contain a number or shape that is clearly visible to those without a color deficiency.

TheĀ Igaku-Shoin Color Vision Plates were developed to test for red/green color deficiencies. The plates, named after their creator Dr. Shinobu Ishihara, were developed in 1917. This color vision test is well-respected and frequently used.

You can also take a color blind test (free) online. Click here to complete the online color blind test, and if it causes you to be concerned please feel free to call us.

What are the next steps?

Dr. Shearer and his associates can diagnose the type and severity of your color deficiency. The eye care professionals at Deerwood Family Eyecare are also available to discuss how it could affect your daily life and provide resources and techniques that can enrich your life as you cope with color blindness.


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