Cataract Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Sometimes, the proteins of the eye clump together and cloud the lens of the eye. This condition, known as a cataract, makes it difficult to see and can hinder your daily activities.

Cataracts are mainly related to the aging process. Cataracts can begin forming many years before they interfere in any significant way with your eyesight. It’s important to monitor cataract growth and note any changes to vision due to its increasing size. Cataract symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment are extremely important when preserving the longevity of your vision.

What are cataract symptoms?

If you’ve noticed the following symptoms, check with Dr. Shearer.

How are cataracts diagnosed?

Dr. Shearer and the staff at Deerwood Family Eyecare will assess your eyes during a full eye exam while your eyes are dilated. During the exam, Dr. Shearer will ask about the symptoms you are experiencing and the level of disruption that they are causing.

What are cataract treatments?

Many times, the symptoms of cataracts can be managed with updated corrective lenses, additional lighting, or other accommodations for the changes in your eyesight. If your lifestyle is not compromised, these changes may be enough to make surgery unnecessary.

After your exam and consultation, you may decide that cataract surgery is your best option. At that time, Dr. Shearer will refer you to one of the highly-qualified cataract surgeons that best fits your needs.

Cataract surgery involves replacing the cloudy lens with an artificial lens. Improvement to eyesight is noticeable immediately although there is some care required after treatment, including follow-up visits and cataract eye drops.

Dr. Shearer’s team at Deerwood Family Eyecare can help with your post-surgery needs. Your vision could be dramatically different after your eyes heal from the cataract removal procedure. After recovery, it’s important to follow up with Dr. Shearer in order to maximize your best vision and maintain your active lifestyle.


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