Common Vision Problems Defined

Your vision may be one of the most valuable keys to your health and happiness. Dr. Shearer and his staff can help you understand your vision and eye health needs. Below are common vision problems defined that may be affecting your everyday life. Many of these conditions can occur at any age. Deerwood Family Eyecare can monitor your entire family’s eye health to minimize long-term damage and other complications.


A condition that occurs because the cornea is irregularly shaped or the curvature of the lens inside the eye is not ideal. The result is that light does not hit the retina as it should and vision is blurred.

The specific causes of astigmatism are unknown. It is often hereditary and usually present since birth. Sometimes astigmatism is caused by an eye injury or surgery.

Corrective lenses are often all an individual with astigmatism will need. But, there are other options depending on the severity of the condition, including corneal modification and laser surgery. Dr. Shearer can help you make the best choices.


Also known as hyperopia, this condition exists when an individual sees objects in the distance clearly but close objects are blurry.

Farsightedness occurs when the lens inside of the eye does not curve enough or the eyeball is too short for the focal power of the retina to work correctly.


Also known as myopia, this condition exists when an individual sees near objects clearly but objects further away are blurry.

Nearsightedness occurs when the lens inside of the eye has too much curve or the eyeball is too long for the focal power of the retina to work correctly.

Myopia is largely hereditary, but evidence suggests it can also be influenced by the visual stress of too much up close such as computer work, etc. It can also be common in children who read, play handheld video games, or sit too close to the television regularly. Dr. Shearer and his highly-trained staff can explain the behaviors that affect your eyes, and how changes in eye wear, habits, and lifestyle can often help.


Presbyopia is a change in focusing ability, particularly on close objects, due to the lens of the eye losing its flexibility. While this happens over time, an individual is likely to notice differences in eyesight from presbyopia around age 40.

This is a natural part of the aging process and cannot be prevented, but the staff at Deerwood Family Eyecare can help. Changes in glasses or contacts can address the concerns of aging and allow you to continue enjoying your lifestyle.

Spots and Floaters

Spots and floaters are made of protein or other small matter trapped inside the vitreous, the thick fluid within the eyes.

Individuals are often born with floaters and/or spots. Most of the time they are completely harmless. However, if the number seems to increase dramatically or they begin to hinder your vision, make an appointment with your eye care provider. Dr. Shearer can evaluate your vision and help you maximize your eye health.


A cataract forms when the proteins of the eye clump together and cloud the lens of the eye, affecting vision.

Cataracts are mainly related to the aging process. However, a few other factors may contribute to cataract causes including medical conditions and lifestyle choices.

Individuals can often function for many years with cataracts before they begin to impair vision. When a cataract progresses to the point of impairing vision, there are numerous treatment options.


Keratoconus is a condition in which the front part of the eye becomes thin and changes shape. Vision is distorted because light does not reach the retina as it should.

While exact causes are unknown, this condition often starts in the early 20s and can progress for 10 or more years. As the eye changes shape, the strain on the cornea can cause cracks to develop. This can be painful and may last for weeks until new scar tissue is formed.

While there are treatments to minimize the discomfort and corrective options for improving vision, there are no medications to prevent this eye disease. Dr. Shearer and his staff can help you minimize the pain and improve your vision.


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