Common Eye Terms, Eye Diseases, and Problems

You may encounter many common eye terms, eye diseases, and problems online that leave you confused, or even terrified. Dr. Shearer and his staff are dedicated to making sure that you are well informed about your vision. If you have questions at any time, during or after your appointment, you can contact us here.

Our Vision Library provides a brief outline of topics associated with:

Common eye ailments such as stye eye, eye infections, red eyes, eye pain or itchy eyes, and more can be found in the Vision Library sections.

Contact Deerwood Family Eyecare to discuss any eye or eyesight problems that you are experiencing or you would like to know more about. Knowledge, along with good eye care, is important for maintaining healthy eyes and the best possible vision. Dr. Shearer and his friendly staff can be your personal, family eye care providers.

I always make my eye appointment here at Deerwood Family Eyecare.

"No matter what state we have moved to, I always make my eye appointment here at Deerwood Family Eyecare."


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